Ginsberg and Associates Counseling, LLC

Couples Counseling

I prefer to refer to work I do with romantically attached people as “couples therapy” as opposed to “marital therapy”. Couples therapy is not just for “married” individuals or those in male/female relationships. It can be helpful for anyone, of any age or orientation, who finds him or herself in a romantic relationship that can be enhanced, changed, or even ended in order to make the two participating people happier. Couples counseling by nature involves having both partners participate in the therapeutic relationship.

Engaging in couples therapy is a commitment to the health and well-being of your relationship and individual hopes and needs. Obviously, it helps if each partner in the couple has similar goals for therapy, but frequently partners come into counseling unsure of each partner’s expectations for the relationship, or concerned that they are not seeing eye-to-eye as to where the relationship is heading. This is a normal and understandable component of couples counseling. It is very common for the first work in couples therapy to be around romantic partners defining their individual needs and what they want to see happen in the relationship.

While I may occasionally meet with partners in a couple separately, this is relatively rare and only done if it can be “balanced” with meeting with the other partner individually.

Because my alliance is to both members of a romantic couple when I am doing couples work, I make it clear with partners that I cannot be expected to keep content addressed with me individually confidential from the other partner. Often, I can assist in helping one or both partners discuss difficult topics with each other that they may first bring up with me individually.

I interact with couples in the same manner I do individuals. I treat each partner and their relationship with the utmost respect and compassion, and work with relationship strengths to help partners build a more desirable future together.