Ginsberg and Associates Counseling, LLC

COVID-19 Resources

The coronavirus that has been sweeping the globe has posed enormous psychological challenges for everyone.  Ginsberg and Associates is committed to helping all of its clients explore how to increase their resilience, cope with change and trauma, manage anxiety, and plan for the future in the midst of this crisis.  Using strength-based based approaches that assist clients in tapping into their resourcefulness and abilities to help them contend with adversity, Ginsberg and Associates uses empirically-validated psychotherapy and counseling approaches to help people stabilize and move forward.
As experienced, licensed clinicians, we understand the professionalism that is needed to provide excellent services even when doing so remotely, and the practice offers a wide range of secure and private methods to engage in psychotherapy remotely if you are unable to visit the office in person for any reason, and in particular due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Please contact Dr. Ginsberg at 303-589-6111 or to see how remote therapy can be an effective and engaging modality for your therapy experience, healing, and growth.
Below are some resources specifically geared toward helping people cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
Mental Health America, an established mental health advocacy and information non-profit organization, offers a wide array of resources and ideas for coping with the pandemic.
Scott Kelly, an astronaut who spent a year on the International Space Station, recently offered his thoughts on being quarantined: